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The Throne Room was created as the Grail-Hall of Parsifal. It was designed in elaborate Byzantine style. It was inspired by the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now Istanbul), the 2 story throne room with its series of pillars of imitation porphyry and lapis lazuli, was completed in the year of the Kings death in 1886. The most important object of this room, the throne, is missing.

Our next stop is Linderhof , built between 1870 and 1879, in an elaborate rococo style recalling the Bourbon Kings and where Ludwig actually lived for several years.  We tour inside the palace with a local castle guide, and your have time to go for a stroll in the formal gardens.

Crystal Castles - (II)Crystal Castles - (II)Crystal Castles - (II)Crystal Castles - (II)